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Connector Information

01 - 6-Pin AAMI

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Yoke Information

3A - Yoke Pattern 3A

Compatible Monitors

Abbott Medical-AAEM
Abbott Medical-AAXM
Abbott Medical-ABBV
Abbott Medical-ABBY Series
Abbott Medical-ABEM
Abbott Medical-ABTM
Abbott Medical-ARTM
Abbott Medical-DHS
Abbott Medical-EK40
Abbott Medical-EK50
Abbott Medical-EKP- 1
Abbott Medical-EKR50
Abbott Medical-EO-8
Abbott Medical-EX-50
Analog Digital Inst.-3 ld ECG cable
Colin Medical Instruments-BP 308
Colin Medical Instruments-BP 308E
Colin Medical Instruments-BP 408
Colin Medical Instruments-CMB-3000
Criticare Systems International (CSI)-504US
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-M12
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-M6
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-Omni-Track 300
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-Omni-Track 3100
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-Omni-Track NVS
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-Omni-Track TVS
Nihon Kohden-8000 Series Defib
Nihon Kohden-BSM-8301A
Nihon Kohden-BSM-8302
Nihon Kohden-BSM-8500A
Nihon Kohden-BSM-8502
Nihon Kohden-OEC-5102A
Nihon Kohden-OEC-6102A
Nihon Kohden-OEC-6105A
Nihon Kohden-OEC-7102A
Nihon Kohden-OEC-8108A
Nihon Kohden-TEC-5200A
Nihon Kohden-TEC-7100A
Nihon Kohden-TEC-7200A
Nihon Kohden-TEC-7300A
NorthAmerican Drager-Vitalert 1000
NorthAmerican Drager-Vitalert 2000
Novametrix Medical Systems-Life defense 1
Phillips Medical / Hewlett Packard-iE33
Spacelabs Medical-400 Series
Spacelabs Medical-4045
Spacelabs Medical-500 Series
Spacelabs Medical-701S
Spacelabs Medical-702S
Spacelabs Medical-703S
Spacelabs Medical-900 Series (w/ resistors)
Spacelabs Medical-90600 Series
Spacelabs Medical-90700 Series
Spacelabs Medical-TEK-511
Spacelabs Medical-TEK-512
Spacelabs Medical-TEK-514
Spacelabs Medical-TEK-521

Cardinal Health #


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