Molding & Tooling

Achieve superior product quality with Merit Cables' full-service injection molding. Our knowledgeable technicians use proper tooling and efficient production processes to deliver high-quality finished products on time. Our production facility is designed with our customers in mind, and we work with your engineers to design tooling that meets specifications and promotes efficient production. Contact us for expert injection molding services.
  • Industry Knowledge

    At Merit Cables, Inc. we know that in order to achieve a superior product you must begin with the proper tooling and knowledgeable technicians.

  • Quality Product

    Our customers benefit because we specialize in full-service injection molding. Our machine operators are experienced, and it shows in our finished product. We dedicate our time and efforts to quality and on time delivery.

  • Mastered Design

    Our production facility is designed with you, our customer, in mind. We coordinate with your engineers to design tooling that will be conducive to efficient production and a finished product that meets its specification.

Why our customers love us.

  • Automatic and Prototype Machines to accommodate large and small runs.

  • Top Tooling and Mold Designers in the Industry.

  • Large selection of plastic and plastic alloy materials.

  • Experienced operators and management staff dedicated to quality and delivery.