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Connector Information

42320: 01 - 6-Pin AAMI / 42320-ALG: 01 - 6-Pin AAMI View our Connector Guide

Yoke Information

3A - Yoke Pattern 3A

Compatible Monitors

Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) 400
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) 800
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) 800 Plus
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) Apogee
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) CX
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) CX200
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) CX400
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) HDI 3000
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) HDI 9
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) Interspect Car
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) Ultramark 4
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) Ultramark 4 Plus
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) Ultramark 5
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) Ultramark 7
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) Ultramark 9
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL) XL
Airshield HRRM-71
Airshield HRRM-72
Airshield Narco Portafib I
Airshield Portafib II
Airshield Portafib III
Airshield System 5
Airshield System 6
American Optical 1125
American Optical 1700
American Optical 26125
American Optical 33167
American Optical 5260
American Optical 5330
American Optical Pulsar 4
BCI (Biochem) 3101
BCI (Biochem) 3404
BCI (Biochem) 6100
BCI (Biochem) 6200
BCI (Biochem) 9100
BCI (Biochem) 9200
BCI (Biochem) Advisor
BCI (Biochem) Autocorr
Burdick Medic 3
Burdick Medic 4
Burdick Medic 5
Criticare Systems International (CSI) 504
Criticare Systems International (CSI) 602-4 USP
Criticare Systems International (CSI) Poet
Datascope 2000 (Resp)
Datascope 2001 (Resp)
Datascope 2002 (Resp)
Datascope 2100 (Resp)
Datascope 2100, 2200 (RESP)
Datascope 2200 (Resp)
Datascope PASSPORT , EL (RESP)
Electrodyne/PPG Guardian
Electrodyne/PPG N1001
GE Medical / Marquette Corometrics 556
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E 3500
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E 3550
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E Milennia
Ivy Biomedical 101 BEFORE 1989
Ivy Biomedical 402
Ivy Biomedical 700
Laser Systems Vista 1
Life Science Instruments 261
Life Science Instruments LS5
Matrix Medical Life Defense Plus (Defib)
Medical Research Labs 360SL
Medical Research Labs 450SL
Medical Research Labs 521A
Medical Research Labs PortaPak 1000 Isolated
Medical Research Labs Portapak 80
Medical Research Labs Portapak 90
Medical Research Labs Pre-Amp 450
Nellcor 791018
Nellcor N-1000
Nellcor N-200
Nellcor N-250
Nellcor NBP-3900
Nellcor NBP-4000
Nihon Kohden Cardiolife 5000
Nihon Kohden Cardiolife 7000
Pace Tech Minimax 4000CL
Pace Tech Minipak 300
Pace Tech-Minipak 3000
Pace Tech-Minipak 3100
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 2100
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 2200
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 4000
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 4000CL
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 4100
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 800 plus
Phillips Medical / Hewlett Packard-43100A
Phillips Medical / Hewlett Packard-43110A
Phillips Medical / Hewlett Packard-43110MC
Phillips Medical / Hewlett Packard-43120A
Phillips Medical / Hewlett Packard-M3921A
Physio Control-VSM-1ESF
Siemens/Burdick-Sirecust 630
Siemens/Burdick-Sirecust DU
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Atlas
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Encore
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 102
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 103
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 104
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 106
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 200 Series
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq CS
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Ultrasmart
Zoll Medical-D-900
Zoll Medical-M-Series REPLACEMENT FOR ZOLL PART NO. 8000-0025
Zoll Medical-PD-1200
Zoll Medical-PD-1400
Zoll Medical-PD-1600
Zoll Medical-PD-2000

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