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Connector Information

01 - 6-Pin AAMI

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Yoke Information

3A - Yoke Pattern 3A

Compatible Monitors

Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-400
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-800
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-800 Plus
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-Apogee
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-CX
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-CX200
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-CX400
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-HDI 3000
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-HDI 9
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-Interspect Car
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-Ultramark 4
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-Ultramark 4 Plus
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-Ultramark 5
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-Ultramark 7
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-Ultramark 9
Advanced Tech Lab (ATL)-XL
Airshield-Narco Portafib I
Airshield-Portafib II
Airshield-Portafib III
Airshield-System 5
Airshield-System 6
American Optical-1125
American Optical-1700
American Optical-26125
American Optical-33167
American Optical-5260
American Optical-5330
American Optical-Pulsar 4
BCI (Biochem)-3101
BCI (Biochem)-3404
BCI (Biochem)-6100
BCI (Biochem)-6200
BCI (Biochem)-9100
BCI (Biochem)-9200
BCI (Biochem)-Advisor
BCI (Biochem)-Autocorr
Burdick-Medic 3
Burdick-Medic 4
Burdick-Medic 5
Criticare Systems International (CSI)-504
Criticare Systems International (CSI)-602-A UPS
Criticare Systems International (CSI)-Poet 2
Datascope-2000 (Resp)
Datascope-2001 (Resp)
Datascope-2002 (Resp)
Datascope-2100 (Resp)
Datascope-2200 (Resp)
Datascope-PASSPORT , EL (RESP)
GE Medical / Marquette-Corometrics 556
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-3500
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-3550
Invivo Resarch/ M.D.E-Milennia
Ivy Biomedical-101 BEFORE 1989
Ivy Biomedical-402
Ivy Biomedical-700
Laser Systems-Vista 1
Life Science Instruments-261
Life Science Instruments-LS5
Matrix Medical-Life Defense Plus (Defib)
Medical Research Labs-360SL
Medical Research Labs-450SL
Medical Research Labs-521A
Medical Research Labs-PortaPak 1000 Isolated
Medical Research Labs-Portapak 80
Medical Research Labs-Portapak 90
Medical Research Labs-Pre-Amp 450
Nihon Kohden-Cardiolife 5000
Nihon Kohden-Cardiolife 7000
Pace Tech-Minimax 4000CL
Pace Tech-Minipak 300
Pace Tech-Minipak 3000
Pace Tech-Minipak 3100
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 2100
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 2200
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 4000
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 4000CL
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 4100
Pace Tech-Vitalmax 800 plus
Philips Medical / Hewlett Packard-43100A
Philips Medical / Hewlett Packard-43110A
Philips Medical / Hewlett Packard-43110MC
Philips Medical / Hewlett Packard-43120A
Philips Medical / Hewlett Packard-M3921A
Physio Control-VSM-1ESF
Siemens/Burdick-Sirecust 630
Siemens/Burdick-Sirecust DU
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Atlas
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Encore
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 102
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 103
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 104
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 106
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq 200 Series
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Propaq CS
Welch Allyn / Protocol-Ultrasmart
Zoll Medical-D-900
Zoll Medical-M-Series
Zoll Medical-PD-1200
Zoll Medical-PD-1400
Zoll Medical-PD-1600
Zoll Medical-PD-2000

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